Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Del’z Dawgs, Castleton

My junior and I were across the river the other day for Hot Dog Charlie’s when I made a decision to punish my gastrointestinal tract. I thought that doing a little “bang bang” lunch might be fun…
We did our normal thing at Charlie’s…

…then headed up the road to Del’z Dawgs in Castleton (-on-Hudson).
I’d been hearing about/driving by Del’z for several years, but had never been in to partake. Having only been around for a decade Del’z is a relative newcomer on the local mini-dog scene. Some of the other players in the Capital Region are coming up on their hundredth birthdays.
I laughed as I pulled into Del’z because I parked my white pickup truck next to three other white pickup trucks. I think I may fit some sort of local mini-dog consumer stereotype that I haven’t quite figured out yet…
Entering the joint I was pleased to see that they keep it absolutely traditional. From the decor to the menu I felt right at home. My boy and I ordered one mini-dog each and went outside to eat them off the back of my truck so we could freely discuss their merits.

I really like these dogs. They have pluck. An assertive punch of mustard, great amount of pleasant bitterness from the sauce, and tons of chopped onion. None of that nasty, pie-spicey, rookie mistake flavor in the sauce that you get at some other places locally. You taste these dogs for a few minutes after they are gone, but in a good way... Went to visit the wife after Del’z and she greeted me with, “you stink like onions and grease.” That is just the sort of aroma you want after eating at a bonafide mini-dog joint.
I give Del’z a resounding two thumbs up and happily recommend you go. Del’z and Anton’s are the only two Capital Region places I now recommend for hot dogs (aside from Charlie’s and Famous, of course).
They also do fish fry and mozzarella with raspberry if you are into that sort of thing. Quite an expansive menu aside from the dogs but I can’t speak to any of it as of yet. I will report with further findings in the future.

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