Friday, January 22, 2016

Found Grocery List #4: Slingerlands Price Chopper

Inspired by The Grocery List Collection I have been documenting lists that I find at my local grocery stores (List #1: "The Blonoga List", List #2, List #3). Today I found a doozy at the Slingerlands Price Choppers.

Here we have a "Next 2 Weeks" list. That is planning ahead. I respect that. Also, it is a two stage shopping trip! The "P.C." and "S.R." clearly denote intended stops at Price Chopper and Shoprite. Can you live at that speed? I don't think I can.

From the list I imagine this is a very traditional, All-American, meat and potatoes sort of family. I am picturing a well kept lawn, handsome children, and a big tub of mayo poised and ready to slather that "deli meat." I see a stiff white collar against a freshly shaved neck (I think the second to last item is "starch.").

This is a family who would much like to eat vegetables with every meal, having heard that this is the very thing to do to maintain health and strong bones. But look at the items that are not scratched off -- Veggies, Parsley, and "Brocolli." Now I know that they went through the veggie department because "fresh garlic" was obtained. But somehow the good intentions to obtain other vegetable matter fell by the wayside. The best laid plans o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley. Such is life.

I found this to be an especially thrilling and thought provoking list. I am delighted by these small windows into the life of an alternate family reality.

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