Friday, February 19, 2016

Port Wine and Portmanteau. Herkimer Cheese Co. (Chutter!)

 I have long had an affection for the Herkimer Cheese Co. (Ilion, NY). It simply would not be Christmas without their Port Wine cheese-balls. Those bright red nut be-speckled beauties have been a fixture of my holiday table for as long as I can remember.

Ever heard of cheese fudge (my post concerning the glorious subject)? Herkimer makes it and it is really pretty good. That is if you can wrap your mind around cheddar and chocolate mushed together into fudge...

But today I would like to take a look at Herkimer Cheese Co.'s Chutter. Let it roll off your tongue -- "Chutter." What a lovely portmanteau! Cheddar butter. That sounds delicious. I have been after the stuff for ages and I finally found some (on special no less) over at the Slingerlands Shoprite.

Reading the ingredients I was a little disappointed. I expected the list to read something like, "Cheese, butter." But alas, the Herkimer Chutter is made of cheddar cheese, cream cheese, whey, and sundry other ingredients. No matter. Despite my better judgement I tend to love even the most processed spread-cheeses.

 I let the Chutter come to room temperature. It softened much to the consistency of a cream cheese. I smeared a hearty glob onto the heel of a loaf of Prinzo's bread (Delaware Ave, Albany).

The Chutter was OK. A very mild cheddar/cream cheese-y taste. I perhaps would have went with a bit sharper flavor for consumption of Chutter as a spread. But it seems that Herkimer Cheese Co. is marketing the stuff more as an ingredient for composed dishes. Take a look over here. Herkimer provides you with about a hundred recipes that include Chutter.

The recipes include a somewhat disconcertingly long list of Desserts... The unfortunately named "Pumpkin Dump Cake" being my favorite. I was calling my wife, "my little pumpkin dump" for a week.

So, I am putting Chutter firmly in my "its OK" file. If you are really jonesing for actual cheese-butter, consult my recipe for sodium citrate cheese butter.

Chutter, pumpkin dumps, cheese fudge... Thank you, Herkimer Cheese Co., for bringing these concepts into my life.

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