Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Scotch "The Egg" and the "Corninged Beef Tower"

I have a long history of turning local themes, personalities, and foods into "art."

Sometimes this takes the form of meatloaf ("Meatloafistry" I call it).

Loafy Jennings
Meatloafy the Whale
Meat Romney
Meatloafy Puss
Grumpy Loaf

Sometimes I like to suspend things in aspic, like local minidogs for instance.

I haven't done any of this sort of thing in quite a while, but today I found inspiration...

Lately I have been hankering for some down and dirty homemade corned beef hash. I had the day off today so I decided to venture out for a can of corned beef for the hash.  On the way to the store I remembered a conversation I had on the twitters about how there is a dearth of Empire State Plaza themed food items. One of the ideas I had been tossing around was for a sandwich called the "Corninged Beef Tower." A couple mental leaps later and an idea for corned beef Scotch Eggs in the shape of "The Egg" occurred to me...

This is not the first time I have attempted to recreate that weird and wonderful piece of Albany skyline in eggy form. Several years ago I toyed with hardboiled egg floated in aspic (similar to my minidog project "Capital Region in Aspic"). I was not satisfied with the results so I don't think I broadcasted it publicly. Here it is --

Another view --

I had a feeling that my present inspiration would turn out much better. I started with a can of Libby's corned beef. I love the look of this odd trapezoidal can. Cracking open the can with the little key it comes with is more fun then it should be.

Corned beef!

I took about two thirds (saved the other third for the "Corninged Beef Tower") of the corned beef and mashed it up with a little breadcrumb. I then liberally enrobed two hardboiled eggs with the meat paste and rolled them in more breadcrumb.

Into 350 degree oil until nicely browned they went.

Then I got to sculpting... I was delighted with what I came up with!

Here she is folks -- Scotch "The Egg" and the "Corninged Beef Tower" --

I am thoroughly amused with this project. I think it came out swimmingly.

And lest you think I wasted any of the food involved, I didn't. I hacked it all up and fried it with some potatoes and onion to make the hash that stared this whole fiasco. All is right with the world.

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