Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Piss Beers of Upstate New York: Part 6, Genesee Ice

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Well aren't I right back on the hack food-blog horse? I've been spitting out posts left and right. I think I'm on track to outpace my entire last year's post productivity and it is only February...

Wouldn't you know it? Today the piss beer muse came a-knockin' on my door. So here is part 6 in my ongoing "The Piss Beers of Upstate New York" saga. Tonight we have a look at Genessee Ice. As always, I am writing this post apr├ęs-drinking (the tallboy in question).

I've squawked about it before, but I am absolutely in love with the newer Genesee can designs. The Genny light can is a thing of beauty. It is art in my opinion.

So when I saw that they were issuing Genny Ice in an ominous looking black can of the new design I began questing for it. Look at this thing, it is like the Darth Vader of beer cans.
But alas, I have had no luck finding a specimen. I did, however, come across a tallboy of the stuff in an older style can at the Speedway on Delaware Ave. in Delmar. By the way, is anyone else ticked off that all of the Hess-marts turned into Speedways? If the Speedway folks ask me if I have my "Speedy Rewards" card one more time I might lose my mind...

You won't get any good pour shots here because I decided to break in my new (opaque) Genesee chalice. I have a wonderful friend who was so kind to pick it up for me at the Genesse Brew House.

I was immediately surprised when I began pouring the Genny Ice. It is deep amber in color, much darker than any other 'ice' brew I have had the pleasure of sampling. It almost looks like Genny Bock. There was a frothy head that stuck around for more than a few seconds which was likewise a bit surprising.

During my first sip I tasted toasted malt and none of the icky corn sweetness that I expected. Genny Ice is much "drier" then your typical 'ice' beer. No real off flavors or funk that I could detect. Don't get me wrong, you are not going to be enraptured by this brew. But it is all together not so bad. At the very least it is novel when compared to your usual ice beer suspects.

I have heard tales that you can find Genny Ice in 40 ouncers. That is my next mission. Episode 6.5 of "The Piss Beers" series will attack that problem. Expect a less coherent post after I have gotten one of those bad boys into me.

Now the only thing left to see is if I will suffer a case of the "Genny Screamers." Will "Genesse Lighning" strike? Only time will tell...

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