Thursday, May 26, 2016

The "B.E.C.U.G." (Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Utica Greens) Sandwich. World, I Give to You This Gift. You Are Welcome

I have made it a tradition every year to grow enough escarole in my garden to prepare two large batches of Utica Greens. Consult this post on the subject of Utica Greens for more information concerning this Central New York delicacy. This year I got up to a few things with the greens. I altered my recipe a bit, and I made the "B.E.C.U.G." We will get to the "B.E.C.U.G." in a minute...

But first, the alterations to my recipe. I got a tip from this preparation to boil off the greens, sauté them with the garlic and cherry peppers, and then keep them overnight to infuse the escarole with the garlic/pickled pepper flavors. I wholeheartedly recommend this extra step. It really does add flavor to the Utica Greens party.

Another new addition to this year's Utica Greens -- homemade dry-cured pork!

I cured, pressed (with bricks), and then dry-cured a pork butt. It came out really very good. A nice sweet flavor reminiscent of prosciutto, but with much more fat. A hearty slice of this went into my Utica Greens.

Nothing beats the smell of a fresh batch of greens browning in the oven... Don't mind the dirty pan. That is flavor baked into the porcelain (it has become my traditional Utica Greens pan)...

Now don't get me wrong, Utica Greens are great by themselves. But one of my favorite things about the greens is that they can be wedged into other dishes to great effect. One of my favorite lunch items at one of my favorite restaurants in the world is the Chicken and Greens sandwich at Vescio's Franklin Hotel in Rome, NY. If ever you are near Rome, NY, go to the Franklin. A plate of their grilled long hots with a loaf of bread and a beer will change your life. I am not exaggerating. It will change your life...

Anyhow, I was thinking about Utica Greens in sandwiches when genius struck my noggin like a bolt of lightning! I footed it over to the Delmar Market and got me a Bacon/Egg/Cheese on a Prinzo's hard roll at McCarroll's.

I made haste home and broke out one of my Griswolds and began to sauté up... A UTICA GREENS PATTY!!!

I crisped up those Utica Greens and slapped them on top of the bacon/egg/cheese.

And thusly, the "B.E.C.U.G" (bacon, egg, cheese, Utica Greens) sandwich was born!

And it was good. I'm not joking. This should be on menus.

If ever my writing on this hack weblog has had a purpose, I hope it is that someone other than I consumes this sandwich. The B.E.C.U.G. approaches culinary perfection. I like to go big or go home in my Utica Greens preparation. I've been using increasingly large amounts of garlic, pork, and cherry peppers. The aggressively spicy/garlicky greens I make are the perfect addition to a breakfast sandwich.

I may have to stop posting. I consider this my magnum opus....


  1. This is absolutely glorious! The Memorial Day menu has now been changed to include this culinary masterpiece.

  2. This looks AMAZING...and the pork...oh what a glorious sight...and I'm sure an even better bite!!!


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