Friday, May 6, 2016

The Church Cookbooks of New York, Part 2: "Hot Damn" ("Sharing Our Best" - Chemung ARC, Elmira, 1996)

Part 1:  Tomato Soup Cake, "Golden Anniversary" - Church of the Master, Rochester, 1977)

As folks seemed to like the concept of exploring recipes from my small (but growing) stash of vintage local Church/Community recipe collections, I thought I would follow up with a Part 2.

Today we have a selection from "Sharing Our Best" released in 1996 by the Chemung ARC out of Elmira, NY.

The recipes in this book were mostly fairly pedestrian takes on workaday family style dishes. However, something that stood out to me was the recipe titles. Many of the recipes for familiar dishes had these wonderfully strange monikers.

In there I found -- "Barbara's Cheese Moss Balls," "Even Pat Can Do It - Hamburgers and Tomatoes," "$250.00 Cookie Recipe," "White Trash (basically muddy buddies/puppy chow)," and the dish I ultimately decided to recreate -- "Hot Damn."

Here is the recipe for, "Hot Damn" by Ms. Aviva Tappan --

I'm on board to give any recipe containing Doritos and Velveeta a whirl...

A note on the ingredients. This recipe is not something I would feed my family regularly, or would ever consume myself. I decided that I would make an effort to tailor it to my families tastes so that it would not be an entire waste. I used Barilla protein plus rotini for the noodles and omitted the mushrooms/olives. No way I'm getting mushrooms/olives past my picky rugrats.

I haven't handled Velveeta in many years. I had forgotten how fascinating the stuff is. So bright and wiggly. I played with it for a minute or two.

The recipe for "Hot Damn" is pretty simple. Mix all the crap together, slop it in a baking dish, and bake at 350 for "20 or 30" minutes. And that is what I done did.

Here she is fresh and pipin' hot out of the oven. A gooey, bubbly, golden brown heap of "Hot Damn."

I served myself a small portion and tucked in... I had to laugh! This stuff tastes like Nacho Cheese Doritos in a noodley casserole form. The "Hot Damn's"  salsa/Velveeta/crushed Doritos had melded together into a perfect "Dorito Sauce."

Pretty amazing actually. If Ms. Aviva Tappan was going for the perfect expression of Doritos flavor in the form of a casserole she hit the nail right on the goddamn head. Kudos to her. I can't say that I exactly enjoyed this recipe, but I can definitely appreciate the cut of its jib.

So, did my kids like it? Nope. Mr. Dave Jr. wasn't having any of this "Hot Damn" nonsense. My intrepid daughter took a bite, shrugged her shoulders, and said -- "no thank you."

So here I am. Left with a giant dish of "Hot Damn" and a house redolent with the aroma of Doritos... No matter. A small price to pay for bringing New York's past back to life. I think I will be able to find some willing bellies to fill with gobs of "Hot Damn."

Stay tuned. This will not be the end of this series. I just acquired the following list of treasures --

There is sure to be solid gold contained on some of these pages...


  1. Another interesting dish. Is that $250 cookie recipe that legendary Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie with ground oatmeal in it? That was a popular 80s story.

    1. A friend's mother used to make them regularly. The version she baked was on the flatter, crispier side of the chocolate chip cookie spectrum. They weren't my ideal cookie, but my buddy Rick loved them.

  2. I am 100% sure I can get you a cookbook from Lynnwood Reformed Church (RCA) of Guilderland. Interested? Get at me dogg.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This is a riot!!! Keep up the reviews of those horrible recipes. Oh, and I love Velveeta. xxx Zena

  5. This is a riot!!! Keep up the reviews of those horrible recipes. Oh, and I love Velveeta. xxx Zena


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