Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Needle in the Hard Roll Haystack: Stewart's Peanut Butter & Butter Hard Roll

I have written before about the Stewart's Butter Hard Roll. In the past I would occasionally grab a butter hard roll as a restorative after a night of excessive drink.

I would stagger into any given Stewart's and peruse the butter hard roll basket. I would find there the usual suspects -- PB, PB&J, Butter. However, once in a great, great while I would a find a treasure. The elusive Peanut Butter & Butter hard roll.

I have not seen a PB&B in many years. I had assumed that Stewart's had ill-advisedly removed the item from their hard roll menu. But so help me god, every time I go into a Stewart's I do a quick once over of the hard roll basket just in case...

Well, today at the East G-Bush Stewart's my vigilance was rewarded.

I almost did not believe my eyes when I saw that peanut butter hewed lettering followed by the bright blue "& Butter." If speaking to hard rolls in public was acceptable, I would have said to the PB&B -- "Hello, old friend. We meet again. I have missed you."

I was barely half in my truck before I tore the cellophane off of my prize. I will say that I saved the sticker. I have it on an old YMCA card in my wallet pending preservation...

Behold, the guts of a Peanut Butter & Butter hard roll!

A cross-section!

Oh, its so good... I often speak of my love of butter added to any sandwich (salami and butter, bauernschinken and butter), and a PB likewise benefits from the addition of "& Butter." It adds a rich unctuous feel to what is otherwise just a mediocre peanut butter hard roll.

PB&Bs are rarer then hen's teeth, so if you see one I suggest you pick it up and try it at least once.

--An end note. The E. G-Bush Stewart's has quite a forward thinking bathroom setup. One unisex and one gender neutral. Good on you Stewart's.


  1. I like Stuarts, they're finally in the 'cuse, and commend your efforts as a blogger, blog more!
    Now: as a certified Old Guy I remember hard rolls that were very crusty, hard to cut, and got crumbs everywhere. Versus soft rolls.
    No hard crust on Stewarts alleged hard roll.
    I,and even older Hard Roll Cranks, wonder where they went :-)
    Once I get the brakes fixed on the vehicle I will annoy bakeries in the CNY area to figger it out!
    Dave S

  2. Saw one in Pawling Ave. shop last week. I wouldn't have noticed it but saw a woman rifling through the hard rolls and she picked a peanut butter one.

  3. Plenty of them this am in cropseyville. Saw them and had to share.

  4. But you have to have the RIGHT one. I had coworkers who would just put a dollop of butter in the center of the spread peanut butter. Far from appetizing.


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