Sunday, August 21, 2016

Chili Cheese Salt Potatoes at the Altamont Fair

Every year I go to the Altamont Fair (here are glorious scenes from a past fair) with the stated purpose of locating the most ridiculous fair-food item available on the premises. This year I wandered far and wide but didn't see anything that really struck my fancy.

Feeling a bit peckish on the way out I thought I might just stop by the Sap Bucket for a hot dog and some salt potatoes. The ol' Sap Bucket serves Glazier's, the classic red hot of the North Country Michigan, one of my favorites. Gorging on a hot dog with a side of salt potatoes seemed quite the fitting end to my day at the fair.

A salty boiling cauldron of salt potatoes is a fixture in my summer household. The moment when your teeth pierce the taught skin of a Hinerwadel's and the tender tater-meat pops into your mouth is a singular culinary experience. Even more so then the hot dog I was looking forward to the taters. 

Standing in line my eyes fell upon the Salt Potatoes on the signboard. Then my eyes fell upon the topping options. Chili-Cheese Salt Potatoes! Yes, please. It is possible that this has been offered in the past, but I never noticed. I cannot tell you the last time that I have been so excited for food. My plan of salt potatoes as the side dish to a hot dog immediately fell away. I ordered only the adorned potatoes so that I might maintain focus.

Beautiful. So beautiful.

I absolutely loved this. The bright yellow canned cheese and the workaday chili melded with the tender taters and made for a beautiful fair food experience. As I sat eating a breeze relieved the oppressive heat, twangy country music played in the background, I heard children laughing, watched my kids repeatedly spill their snow cones, and all was right with the world. I had made the perfect fair food choice.

My bowl of potatoes came with two forks. I laughed at this. I laid low the entire bowl in minutes.

Ah, life is good sometimes. Isn't it?

On the way out of the fairgrounds we did have a minor tragedy. Our small gentleman fell and got quite a nasty booboo knee. He made me take a picture for documentary purposes. He was quite proud that he stopped crying so quickly.

A passing EMT helped us out with an enormous bandaid and a high-five and I made an emergency trip to the ATM for cash for some palliative Maple Floss.

And that was that. We packed up into the car and trundled back to Delmar. We made a pitstop at Stewart's for some drinks (a sixer of Genny red eyes for dad), and that was that. This was one of those days that felt very full of life. Life swirling around in all of it's hot, sticky, noisy glory...


  1. "Genny red eyes." How have I never come across that term before. Man, sometimes I suck at my job.

    Thanks for almost always being there.

  2. Love your before and after pics!!! Thanks for sharing - Zena

  3. Love your before and after pics!!! Thanks for sharing - Zena

  4. My husband and I love chili cheese ANYTHING.. Chili Cheese Burgers, Chili Cheese Nuggets and all..
    Thank you for sharing it.
    sausage stuffer


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