Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bacon Wrapped E.L. Fudge. Yup, I Went There. (From 2008)

I had one random slice of bacon and some double stuffed Keebler EL Fudges lying around, I think you can pretty much predict what happened.

Yup, "Elwood" (EL fudges have elf's names on them if you don't know)got wrapped in bacon. Am I becoming a parody of myself here with the whole bacon wrapped thing?

Into the oven we went Mr. Elwood the cookie at 350 for about 20 minutes.

When I took it out it appeared that there was some chocolatey filling seepage. I let the elf cool so things had a chance to firm up a little. I then sliced it on the bias to get a look at the insides.

Verdict: Upon biting into the bacon/cookie you are hit with an immediate pork flavor on the front end which morphs into a salty/chocolate flavor as you continue to chew. A little disconcerting at the incept but we finish with a fairly pleasant flavor. Not bad, not bad.

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  1. When I first met my husband, B, he had just finished paying off the veterinary bill for the treatment of his roommate's cat, who had ingested most of a bacon candle that B had made. He also had made bacon perfume and bacon-chocolate cupcakes, but the cat couldn't get into the perfume bottle, and his roommates had eaten the cupcakes before the cat could get hold of them.

  2. This is great, I was recently thinking of doing a themed week for food (every week I will have one specific item in the recipe)...I'm thinking of going into bacon week, perhaps I will take some of your ideas.

    By the way, thanks for your response previously, I have linked to your site at genkidi-usa.com

    Hopefully when I open you will check it out :)

  3. It sounds yummy but how do you end up with one piece of random bacon?

  4. oh, mr. dave. You are just the most! And giving me just awful ideas for the week to come. Yum!

  5. Mr. Dave, I implore you to find better lighting. Your recipes kick so much ass, I need to see them better!!

  6. Marianne- Part of my "thing" for this website is that I take all pictures with my iPhone. A silly obsession, but alas, I am committed to it. Sorry about the poor picture quality.


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