Friday, August 18, 2017

The Once and Future NEBA (Mr. B's Best Roast Beef, Queensbury, NY)

I don't know why no one told me, but it seems a new business operating under the name Mike's NEBA has opened in Schenectady! Pretty much every time I drive my family past the corner of Central and Colvin (Albany) I end up going on about the Mike's NEBA location that was located there when I was a kid. Slushies and roast beef sandwiches after tee-ball at Westland Hills park are a treasured memory of mine...

The history of NEBA roast beef and NEBA joints is pretty long and convoluted.This article does a decent job of summarizing. It's complicated, various owners are involved, Mr. Subb is involved, I won't get into it... Suffice it to say that thin sliced roast beef sandwiches, horsey sauce, and tater tots have been part of the fabric of Upstate NY for decades.

So I am cautiously excited about the Schenectady Mike's NEBA. I will have to check it out.

Anyhow, speaking of NEBA joints. I happened to be up Queensbury way and decided to visit one of the gems of the greater Lake George area - Mr. B's Best Roast Beef & Subs.

I love this place. If my kids want to go to Great Escape, well then, Daddy is gonna' get some roast beef in him. Lucky for them they like the cheese tots.

You must drink in the scenery at Mr. B's for a bit before ordering.

From the menu board...

To the condiment bar...

To the weird bun under the cheese dome...

It's all good, everything. Every detail. Even though Mr. B's is a pretty clean and shiny joint, it has just enough of that local patina you would expect from a 50 year old roast beef restaurant in Queensbury.

This time I went for a hot roast beef and cheese. Large.

Here she is. Beautiful.

I like to get a cheese NEBA and then put the horsey sauce (horseradish mayo here, must be old trademark issues...) in there too. It's my secret combo.

The food comes on a paper featuring all of the presidents of the U.S. of A, past and present. My little boy got upset at a certain someone eyeballing him while he was enjoying his tots...

I've pretty much been a functional vegetarian lately, but I have decided to ditch the principles temporarily. The very next day I swung through for a hot ham on my way back to Delmar. Nothing beats a nice hot hot ham.

Mr. B's is great. Who knows how long it will be there so you should probably go in and get some beef and tots. Like the elves departing from middle-earth, most of the elder NEBA joints have passed into myth and legend. Well, except for the fact that a Mike's NEBA just opened in Schenectady...

Perhaps I will share some other images that I captured around Lake George if you have a minute. I've captioned them with humorous quips.

"Pour that shit Billy. Pour that shit..."
From a Great Escape food plan ad... A funnel cake demon feasting on a bloody offering.
I won this thing. Apparently, nobody ever wins this. It seemed to throw the staff for a loop.
Won a 5 foot tall blue dragon for the boy scoring many dad-points.
That's about all she wrote. I'm resurrecting the weblog temporarily as I will be attending the NYS fair for pretty much the duration. I figure the world needs my dispatches from the fair. The world may not yet know that it needs my dispatches from the fair, but it does.
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