Friday, January 26, 2018

Liquid Smoke is Fine. Braunschweiger Mettwurst.

Rohwurst is life. Hands down one of my favorite foods. The teewurst from Rolf's Pork Store is a woefully underrated local treasure and I eat it more often then I should. I've made teewurst in the home several times with pretty decent results. A couple weeks ago a craving for tangy fermented meat paste struck and I decided to proceed with one of my (recently infrequent) sausage making projects.

Braunschweiger Mettwurst is a fairly approachable recipe so I decided to tinker with this recipe a bit. BM is a coarse ground beef/pork/bacon rohwurst that you eat much in the same manner as teewurst. I used 350grams lean beef, 350grams pork butt, and 300grams of Oscar's Smokehouse back bacon for the meat.

As per usual during life in Upstate New York, the disgustingly cold weekend weather forcast deterred my cold smoking plans. So on the fly I threw some hickory liquid smoke into the meat paste.

Here is my point. I've been making sausage/charcuterie for more than a decade now. I'm here to tell you that a quality liquid smoke is a perfectly adequate alternative to smoking in about 90% of sausage formulations. I'm a masochist in regards to processes for many things, but I've come around to not feeling guilty about using liquid smoke when practical.

Anyhow, I hung the chub to ferment for a couple days. Even though I took measures to keep the humidity up, the casing got a little dry (thanks again New York weather).

Perfectly fine way to mitigate this in homemade sausage (to include dry-cured stuff) is to vac-bag it and throw it in the fridge for a while. I've even frozen then thawed stuff like sopressata with good results.

The mettwurst came out delicious. Good pink hue and super tangy from the Bactoferm culture. Happened to have some good homemade sourdough rye on hand.

And a pot of Dusseldorf mustard...

Although the mettwurst is great on its own, it is a food I use as an excuse to consume excessive amounts of mustard. I like mustard.

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