Monday, February 12, 2018

The Cold Cuts Less Traveled: P&P Loaf.

The "Loaf" family of cold cuts has always fascinated me. Not enough to have ever purchased or eaten any, more of a fascination from afar... The other day (at Hannafords) the Russer P&P loaf caught my eye and I was in the right mood to give it a whirl. I got about a half pound for 2.72 American.

I will confess that I did not know what either of the 'P's in the loaf stood for until I got the package.

I looked up the ingredients and they were pretty hot dog or bologna-esque with the addition of pickle relish and pimientos. This is a no frills loaf.

Look at the stuff! It is colorful and reminds me of fruit cake a little. It had a sweet and vinegary reek, but not in a particularly offensive way.

I think a cold cut loaf needs a sturdy vehicle to shine. I went with some of my seedy German/Scandinavian style bread.

I showed my son the stuff and tried to entice him to have a bite. I told him it was "pickle meat" (he loves pickles). He looked at me and made barfing noises.

I was undeterred. For my first foray into deli case loaf-cuts I found myself feeling pretty good about the situation. I like colorful food.

Well, I'm going to chalk this one up as a miss. I thought this would be one of those gross old timey' foods that I would be a fan of. Nope. It was vaguely chemical in flavor with a huge hit of sweet pickle relish. I hate sweet pickle relish. Why would you go and screw up perfectly good bologna with sweet pickle relish?

Anyhow, I think the Hannafords cold cut people think I'm weird. I got a half pound of Lebanon bologna and some Cooper Sharp with the P&P loaf. I'm pretty sure no one else orders any of these as the cold cut person had to unwrap all three. There was some stinkeye.

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