Saturday, March 3, 2018

Hot Roast Beef. (Bella Napoli, Latham)

Hot roast beef sandwiches are a thing around here. Well, not right now because it's Lent and fish fry is going strong. To tell you the truth hot roast beef is nowhere near as big of a deal as it once was, I basically grew up at Mike's NEBA. But you still come across the beef often. Especially at establishments that have been around for a minute.

I was at Bella Napoli in Latham this morning after a donut for my son (and a Radio Bar for myself...) when I noticed Hot Roast Beef on the menu board. I've grabbed an egg-n-cheese there before, but never took a hard look at the sandwich selections. It was a bit early in the day... but I'm not the guy to pass up a "generous & juicy" portion of beef.

The first time I get something I like to just order it and see how it comes. When you order the roast beef at Bella Napoli you get meat on a sesame roll. Nothing else. Horsey sauce is sort of obligatory on most hot roast beef/NEBAs but in this case you would have to ask for it.

I went at the bread and beef without further adulteration. You know what? It's damn good like that. Soft, butter toasted sesame roll with moist, warm beef. A juicy, soft, and sloppy handful of sandwich. It doesn't really need anything else. It's sort of an American trope that every last thing needs to have something else on it. Like a sandwich isn't a sandwich without cheese, veg, and sauce.

Anyhow, it was good.

Radio Bars are also good.

If you don't know, a radio bar is chocolate sponge with a blob of cream on top enrobed in chocolate.

They are probably not the best thing at Bella Napoli, but they are my favorite. Just noticed today that they make a big ring cake version of the radio bar! They've probably always had it, but like the beef I only noticed it today.

Bella Napoli has a lot of detail to take in. My favorite detail? The string hanging from the ceiling they use to tie off the boxes.

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