Friday, July 20, 2018

10th Anniversary of My First Post: A Post

10 years ago today I wrote the first post on this weblog. The post is weird and awful looking back... But it was fun writing here for all those years! I hope the humble weblog format comes back into fashion some day. Maybe when I'm an old man I will have the attention span for it again.

Anyhow, above is an interesting flower that I found near the Onesquethaw a while back. Queen Anne's Lace (Wild Carrot) with half purple/half white. Don't have much else to share.


  1. Wow..time flies and I have been an avid reader of your posts all those years....Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Hope to keep reading your posts for the next 10 years!!!

  2. Congrats! I found the site about a year ago, It's quite an interesting read! Keep em comin.


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