Friday, August 24, 2018

1970s Hometown Cookbook: Dave Cooks All the Recipes. Part 10: Sour Cream Cookies.

Recipe Count: 9 of 156 Complete.

We return from the savory side of "Favorite Recipes," to the sweeter sections.

I had some sour cream on hand so yesterday I made Helen Abele's "Sour Cream Cookies."

This one involves chemistry. After the initial steps, I proceeded to "Mix sour cream and baking soda in a small bowl until foamy."

It never really got too foamy. Only a bit foamy.

Folding in the flour et al. we have a pretty shaggy cookie dough.

As I have stated along the way with this recipe journey, I am slavishly following the instructions. I had halved this recipe. When I plopped out the dough in teaspoons-fuls I was left with 48 cookies. 4 dozen is what is the suggested yield for the full-shot recipe. So I had to slop half of the unbaked cookies onto the other half... A bit of a messy process.

Here is one baked.

The "Sour Cream Cookies" ended up very cake-like. Soft and a bit doughy.

The end note of the recipe states, "this is a good, basic recipe" and suggests various additions of nuts, jam, and chocolate. I think this is sage advice. "Sour Cream Cookies" can't quite hack it unadulterated.

I went with a simple vanilla/confectioners sugar glaze.

The glaze brought them into line as a fully formed cookie. My daughter even requested a couple for her camp lunchbox. So overall, a successful cookie.

Notes on Taste:

A bit odd. A slightly undercooked flour taste, but the lemon is nice. The "Sour Cream Cookies" remind me of a less crumbly version of those Italian glazed X-Mas cookies my wife's Aunts are fond of making.

My daughter really liked them. This may actually warrant a repeat performance.

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