Monday, August 6, 2018

1970s Hometown Cookbook: Dave Cooks All the Recipes. Part 4: Mrs. Stoffels' Yellow Angel Cake

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I had been chicken-sitting for some folks here in Delmar and had some eggs left over.

I flipped through "Favorite Recipes" with an eye out for a good egg recipe. I happened upon "Mrs. Stoffels' Yellow Angel Cake."

Didn't you know? Mrs. Stoffel's cake was in great demand at St. Thomas Bake Sales in the 1930's...

I figured 4 fresh Delmar eggs out of the 6 was enough to drive home the local ingredient/local recipe theme.

For the other ingredients I have been paying careful attention to using "norm-core" type ingredients for authenticity's sake. No buying all those precious bougie extracts and flours that weren't around in the 70s (or the 30s for that matter).

Let the word "softasilk" role off of your tongue. It's a one word poem.

Mr. Stoffels' cake is your standard "angel food" cake. You know, I will admit that I never knew that almond/vanilla/lemon comprised that particular "angel food" flavor profile. With this journey comes knowledge.

Though I buttered the pan heavily it was fresh hell getting Mrs. Stoffels' cake out of the bundt...

I succeeded and the cake was pretty as a picture with its powdered sugar on.

A slice.

Notes on taste:

It was pretty good angel cake. Mrs. Stoffels knew her stuff. A bit plain and not something I would expect to get motors running at a bake sale... I guess the 30s were simpler times.

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