Tuesday, August 7, 2018

1970s Hometown Cookbook: Dave Cooks All the Recipes. Part 5: Cheese Shorties.

Recipe Count: 4 of 156 Complete.

It is nary a week into this journey and already my will is flagging. There is much tuna and mayo to be found amongst the "Favorite Recipes" collection and I don't know if I can abide the horror. I suppose I will have to amend the bylaws further if I am to continue. I am a weak man. Pray for me.

Last night I chose "Cheese Shorties" in order to cleanse my mental palate. What a simple recipe -- cheese, fat, flour, garlic.

4 dozen Cheese Shorties sounded ambitious so I halved the recipe in this case.

I began with my spirit-cheese. The "Bulk White NY Cheddar" they put on sale at Shoprites all of the time. Grated up 1/2 pound with my trusty box grater.

Mixed everything and formed 2 Cheese Shorties snakes.

Chilled the snakes down, cut, and cooked as per the recipe.

They came out pale on top with a nicely browned bottom. Smelled real good.

Notes on Taste:

Cheese Shorties are wonderful. They are what Cheeze-its wish they could be. Salty, sharp, not quite as crispy as you would think... A perfect beer snack. Give me some tallboys and a plate of still-warm Cheese Shorties and I am all set.

Nobody makes these simple homemade finger-foods anymore. It's all bags of chips, guac, veg, or assorted other BS you picked up at Trader Joe's on your way home from work. We've lost something here. Salty/fatty three to four ingredient snacks. That is the way to entertain.


  1. It's great to have you back. This journey down the rabbit hole is fantastic.

  2. so glad you are back ...and you got major profs over on the FLB blog...loving this deep dive into a local 70's cookbook and cheese shorties are on my radar for the future...wonder how a mixture of cheddar and jalapeno jack would do????

  3. now that is a recipe I would make. Curious to see how many from the cookbook fall into that category.


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