Saturday, August 4, 2018

**LEFTOVERS REVIEW" 1970s Hometown Cookbook: Dave Cooks All the Recipes. Part 3.5 "Golden Glazed Chicken" - **LEFTOVERS REVIEW**

So, I had approximately three-quarters of the "Golden Glazed Chicken" leftover from yesterday. I tried to get my kids to partake, but they had firmly categorized this dish as "Daddy's weird food." They were having none of it. I have a feeling that this will be a common occurrence during my "Favorite Recipes" journey... I've decided to do quick leftovers reviews if there should end up being any as I plod along.

In case you were wondering. The orange jello in the sauce/glaze sets up stiff in the fridge. I guess this is to be expected. I still found it a bit jarring. There are leftovers, and then there are leftovers in aspic...

I went with a slow oven to reheat the chicken. I don't think the microwave oven would have done any favors for this recipe.

I'm gonna say it. "Golden Glazed Chicken" has grown on me since yesterday. This will still probably be the first and last time I ever make it. But the recipe is not without its charms. An in your face sweet and sour chicken experience.

Leftovers Verdict: Improved

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